Monday, November 24, 2014

MIT-77 Newbury-57

Game Preview: #16 MIT vs. Newbury

MIT vs. Newbury 
Monday, Rockwell Cage - Cambridge, MA 7:00pm

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Probable Starters:
MIT (1-0, 0-0) Ht. PPG RPG Newbury (1-4, 0-0) Ht. PPG RPG
Andrew Acker 6'8" 16.0 10.0 Cameron Owen 6'7" 6.4 4.0
Tim Butala 6'8" 6.0 3.0 Kenny Ramos 6'3" 12.4 9.4
Dennis Levene 6'8" 5.0 3.0 Ceejae Carter 6'2" 4.2 2.4
Justin Pedley 6'6" 18.0 4.0 Jeremiah Ephraim 6'2" 7.0 2.0
Ryan Frankel 5'11" 18.0 8.0 apg Milciades Carrasco 5'11" 11.0 1.2 spg

A Look at Newbury:
X's & O's
Newbury is an athletic, quick team that looks to run and push the pace on every possession. 1-4 will put their head down and go, and will have no hesitations taking it all the way to the rack. In the half-court the NightHawks implement several sets and a 4-around-1 motion, looking for their primary scorers to slash or catch and shoot from three. Newbury will fire away on their first open look.

Defensively Newbury uses a 1/2 court man and will double team the ball screens. They've been known to gamble often and will make teams pay if the offense doesn't take care of the ball. They will use a 3/4 court press back into several variations of zone as well.

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