Monday, May 24, 2010

Taiwan Player Blog: Will Tashman

After flying to San Francisco on an especially long flight, my body thought that that was our end destination. Unfortunately, my mind knew that we still had a 13 hour flight to go. It went pretty smoothly, or as smoothly as a 13 hour flight can be for a 6-7 guy. When we landed in Taiwan we went straight to the hotel, which was just as amazing as it looked in the pictures. Kainan university clearly wanted us to have a comfortable stay.

As we arrived at the gym for our first practice, I noticed significant differences from Rockwell Cage. The floor and hoops were normal, but the ceilings were especially high and the stands had just been put in. It was a little like playing in a really small football stadium.

The most shocking part of the trip has been the reaction of the Taiwanese people to us. Traveling with half a dozen guys about 6-6 or taller catches a lot of stares. Coach Paul Grant often hears "ooo's" and "ahhs" (see picture above). And with the number of pictures we take with the citizens and other basketball players, you would think we were in the NBA or something.

It has been an exciting and exhausting first couple of days.

-Will Tashman