Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Game Preview: MIT vs. University of Massachusetts - Boston

MIT vs. University of Massachusetts - Boston
Tuesday, Clark Athletic Center, 7pm

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Probable Starters:
MIT (4-2) Ht. PPG RPG UMB (3-2) Ht. PPG RPG
Matt Redfield 6'8" 13.0 9.8 Carl Joseph 6'5" 19.8 6.2
Andrew Acker 6'8" 10.7 9.0 Jerard Mayes 6'4" 12.2 5.6
Dennis Levene 6'8" 5.0 4.5 Gregory Young 6'3" 12.4 5.0
Justin Pedley 6'6" 14.3 1.2 Omar Benabicha 6'0" 8.0 4.0 
Paul Dawson 5'10" 6.3 5.5 apg Ryan Lapaglia 6'0" 4.0 1.2 apg

A Look at UMass-Boston:
The University of Massachusetts - Boston is currently 3-2 and members of the very tough Little East Conference. They are another extremely athletic and mobile team that will look to get out on the break. In transition they will be looking for their do-it-all go-to-guy Carl Joseph for the pull-up three. In the half-court, the Beacons utilize a 4-around-1 motion offense, looking for the drive and kick (the Beacons put up 17 three's per game). On the defensive end the Beacons make up for their size with defensive pressure and intensity.

MIT must take care of the ball against UMass-Boston's pressure, and look for the size advantage down low. The Engineers' big-men must continue attacking the hoop, and must find the open man on the perimeter once the inevitable double-teams come. Defensively the Engineers must be able to deny dribble penetration while preventing the Beacons from getting a hot hand from beyond the arc.